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Question 1

A company uses a Nutanix 3-node cluster environment. In Prism Pro, the Capacity Runway shows these capacity values:

Max Capacity: 6 TiB

Effective Capacity 4 TiB

The company wants to upgrade the environment to use an RF3 container and also requires all cluster nodes to be the same model,

What must the effective capacity Of the Nutanix cluster be to support the new RF3 container?

Correct Answer: 1


Question 2

An administrator has Files deployed globally and would like to run a report to understand cold, warm, and hot data.

Which Nutanix service would allow the administrator to view the data from a single management console?

Correct Answer: 2


Question 3

A company is implementing Files and has these requirements:

Six departments

Each department needs to access its own shared namespace

18,000 users

Given the nature of the workload, the administrator has decided to scale up by adding the maximum amount of vCPU and RAM.

What should the administrator implement to satisfy the stated requirements?

Correct Answer: 3


Question 4

An administrator is upgrading Files and receives the following error message:

failed to reach fileserver.

In which way should the administrator resolve this issue?

Correct Answer: 4


Question 5

An administrator has been experiencing performance issues with a SQL VM. To address these issues, the administrator migrated the database to a Volume Group. Following the migration, the performance issues have continued.

What should the administrator do to resolve these performance issues?

Correct Answer: 5


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