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Question 1

Which two statements about a DHCP relay in an EVPN-VXLAN fabric are correct? (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: 1

A, D

Question 2

You are deploying your data center switches using ZTP.

A brand new QFX5120 switch has been booted for the first time. It is failing to upgrade to the desired Junos OS version.

In this scenario, which two actions would you take to troubleshoot this problem? (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: 2

B, C

Question 3

Refer to the exhibit.


Which statement is correct about the highlighted code segment and VXLAN frame shown in the exhibit?

Correct Answer: 3


Question 4

You must advertise reachability between two firewalls with unique IP subnets that terminate security services through your EVPN-VXLAN environment.

In this scenario, which EVPN route type should you enable to accomplish this task?

Correct Answer: 4


Question 5

You are implementing a second data center and must have some of your VLANs active in both data centers. You must provide high availability, fast reconvergence, and avoid tromboning traffic on these VLANs.

In an over-the-top DCI strategy, which two statements are correct? (Choose two.)

Correct Answer: 5

A, B

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