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Question 1

A company runs a discussion forum that caters to global users. The company's monitoring system reports that the home page suddenly is seeing elevated response times, even

though internal monitoring has reported no issues or changes. Which of the following is the most likely cause of this issue?

Correct Answer: 1


Question 2

Which of the following compute resources is the most optimal for running a single scripted task on a schedule?

Correct Answer: 2


Question 3

A log-parsing application requires significant processing power to ingest the logs streaming from web servers. The engineering team presents the cloud architect with four proposals

using the same underlying hardware. Which of the following should the cloud architect select in order to minimize the impact of an instance failure while keeping the cost as low as


Correct Answer: 3


Question 4

A systems engineer is migrating a batch of 25 VMs from an on-premises compute cluster to a public cloud using the public cloud's migration agent. The migration job shows data

copies at a rate of 250Mbps. After five servers migrate, the data copies at a rate of 25Mbps. Which of the following should the engineer review first to troubleshoot?

Correct Answer: 4


Question 5

Which of the following industry standards mentions that credit card data must not be exchanged or stored in cleartext?

Correct Answer: 5


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