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Question 1

XYZ Ltd is a highly profitable leading industrial distributor with over 60,000 products and an enviable record for customer service. After undertaking preliminary discussions it was decided to analyse the value-adding activities that contribute to XYZ's flagship products. The company is conducting which of the following activities?

Correct Answer: 1


Question 2

Manufacturing resources planning (MRP II) was developed from material requirement planning (MRP). Which of the following is the additional input that is available in MRP II but does not ap-pear in MRP?

Correct Answer: 2


Question 3

Multiple approval levels for a small purchase request is an example of which type of waste?

Correct Answer: 3


Question 4

A pharmaceutical firm offers a new drug called NC-01. After analysing the market, the firm realises that the demand is largely variable. But they still have to forecast the customer demand for the next production cycle. The new drug NC-01 is best described as which type of item?

Correct Answer: 4


Question 5

Which of the following is another name for scheduled (routine) maintenance?

Correct Answer: 5


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